4 Amazing Tips to Make the Most of Spotify

Streaming has long been one of the best ways to enjoy music and one of the most dominating players in this field is Spotify – an Android music streaming platform. Desktop and mobile versions of this wonderful platform have evolved a lot over the years, getting more personalized and predictive while pulling in the ever-increasing range of audio as well as video content.

However, there’s still a lot more about Spotify. Here are some tips for making the most of Spotify.

1. Assisted Playlisting

With “assisted playlisting” you can create more customized playlists. While forming a new playlist, the Spotify app will check the words you enter as the playlist name and recommends you songs. As you go on adding songs, the recommendations change in real time and you get more customized suggestions depending on the songs you’ve already added.

2. Organization of Playlists

Not only Spotify allows you to organize tracks into playlists, but also to organize the playlists into folders. You just have to go the file menu and hit “New Playlist Folder”. A new folder will be formed in the left-hand column which you have to name and then drag other playlists in or out of these collapsible folders.

3. Explore and Save

You can see the Browse and Radio on the top left. Spotify will add a new crop of 30 songs every Monday to your “Discover Weekly” playlist. Spotify robots select these songs based on your listening habits. You can find it under Playlists or Browse.

If you get something, don’t fail to save it since Discover Weekly replaces previous songs with new ones every week. Right-click and scroll down to “Add to Playlist”. On the artist or song pages, you can also hit the “…” button to add to a playlist.

4. Daily Mixes

Daily Mixes is the best personalization feature of Spotify. It serves up the ever-changing playlists depending upon erstwhile listening and songs you’ve added to playlists, typically grouped by genre. It’s a nice music mix you know you love and a built-in discovery system to come across new jams. If you are using Spotify Free, Daily Mix playlists have infinite skips on mobile. You’ll get Made For You on the left-hand menu on desktop and Made For (your name) on the Home tab on mobile.

So are you ready to enjoy music to your heart’s content with Spotify?