4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Android Phone Safe from Malware

Although Google tries its best to keep the Play Store free from any malware and viruses, malicious Android apps are typically downloaded in millions before being taken down. This makes it necessary to be alert and avoid falling prey.

Can Your Android Phone Get Viruses or Malware?

Although Android devices can’t get viruses, they can definitely get other types of malware, basically when you accidentally install treacherous apps.

How can You Keep Your Phone Safe from Malware?

Here are a few steps with which you can keep your phone safe.

1. Download Avast Pro APK

Avast Pro APK is a top-rated zero cost tool to protect your device from viruses as well as Wi-Fi attacks. It alerts you when you install adware and spyware applications that infringe your secrecy. It even protects your device from cyber-attacks from phone calls, SMS messages, infected websites and emails.

2. Stay Away from Third-party App Stores

Using third-party app stores brings a big risk of infecting your phone with malware. Definitely these stores offer such attractive deals that anyone would be tempted to venture outside of Google Play and get them. However, when something seems too good to be true, most probably it is so.

When you install apps from these third-party stores, you bypass security measures created to examine apps for malware threats, and make it much simpler for hackers to penetrate your device with an infected app.

3. Beware of Fake Apps and Scams

Knowing how to identify app scams is a priceless skill. Although third-party app stores pose a higher threat when it comes to downloading fake apps, they also make their way into Google Play time and again. Here are a few tips to identify fake apps.

  • Try to know who the developer is. A quick Google search should provide the developer’s info. If the developer has developed several apps, they are likely to be reliable.
  • Also, check the number of downloads. If this number is high, the app may be legit.
  • Check what others are saying about the app. A legit app is likely to have a significant number of reviews, while a fake one is likely to have only a few, usually all 5-star reviews.

4. Check App Permissions

If you’re habituated to tap the “Install” button, consider breaking the habit. Instead, make a habit of going through the list of app permissions which lets you know what functions and information the app can access on your phone. This can be important to recognize if an app is fake or reliable.

Using these easy tricks, you can keep your device free from viruses and malware.