Amazing Android Battery Life Saving Tips

Your Android smartphone’s life is largely dependent on its battery life, which is a bitter truth. Regardless of how hot your Android phone is, it’s indeed worthless if you need to carry your charger everywhere, every time. However, it’s wonderful that there are plenty of battery life hacks which can be attempted to get the most out of your battery life.

Tip 1

This is the simplest one – check processes that run in the background. You would be astonished to see how much of your phone’s battery life is being eaten up by some newsreaders or widgets. It’s also easy to check the running processes and how much battery life they are using in most devices by going to settings>battery.

Tip 2

This is a great battery saving tip. Keep the “refresh” rate adjusted on your social apps. The more it checks updates, the more life it sucks. If you are a social media animal, then it’s sure to drain your battery within no time. The same is true for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc – don’t keep them on when they are not in use.

Above 2 tips are for you regardless of whether you are rooted or not. But the following one is only for those who are rooted.

Tip 3

If you are rooted, underlock your phone and setup a “screen off” profile to maintain your battery. Of course, it should be done with some knowledge, but it is assumed here that when you are rooted, you have that.

There are so many such android battery life saving tips. Watch this amazing video by xdadevelopers to get many of them, plus heaps of info on mods and apps you can use if you are rooted.