Android-owners, Create Animations now with Vine

Owners of Android smartphones can stop envying their iPhone owning friends, because now the much popular Twitter app, Vine is available for Android too. With this app, now they too can create six-second videos and the much-desired animated clips.

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Google’s Two New Android Phones in Pipeline

Google’s two new, more advanced Android phones are about to enter the market soon. One of the smartphones is unique for being manufactured in the US.

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Google I/O 2013 – What Can We Expect?

Google I O 2013Tomorrow, on May 15th, Google I/O conference is going to take place at the Moscone Center, San Francisco. The primary function of this conference is certainly to bring app developers together for technical sessions, workshops and inspiration, but its opening keynote has become very important to the overall tech industry (similar to opening keynote at Apple’s WDC).

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The Design of Samsung Galaxy S4

Even though the latest Apple product, iPhone was very anticipated, the new Samsung’s smartphone, Galaxy S4 is surely hot phone, perhaps the hottest in 2013. However, Samsung employees didn’t have an easy task, having in mind that Samsung Galaxy S3 was the smash-hit and probably one of the best smartphones before launching the S4. Obviously, Samsung has decided to conserve what’s good, not to change the good work, but to turn it up to 11. Having new Samsung smartphone model means having ultra powerful device in a pocket. We have to agree that Samsung Galaxy S4 has an incredible array of useful features and specs. But, let’s focus on its design.

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New Pebble Upgrade – Classic Snake Game

As expected, smart watches are getting more and more smarter and thus increasingly popular. Last year was the period for their birth and this year they have directly jumped into their youth! And Pebble too doesn’t want to lag behind, as seen by the most recent upgrading of their smart watch. They have now a much-sophisticated interface and new watchfaces – but most attractive feature is they have added a classic game to the watch phone. Well, you most probably remember the game, it is Snake.

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Why not get a reaction from your phone? Tell it to awaken up!Even better, you can tell New Samsung GALAXY S III to convert off the alarm for a few moments and let yourself rest a bit more. Answer your cellphone (or decline a call), convert your songs up (or down), and even tell the photographic camera when to capture.

Social tag

Now it’s even simpler to keep a record of buddies and family members. Social tag allows you weblink the encounters in your scrapbook with their public networking sources. Once it’s set, all you have to do is look at their images and you will see their present position appear. Direct call Samsung GALAXY S III even knows when you want to discuss. When you are texting someone and select to contact them instead, basically raise your cellphone to your ear and Immediate contact will dial their variety for you. No more struggling through contact logs or connections. Let New Samsung GALAXY S III do the perform.

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