Don’t Forget SEO for Mobile and Responsive Design

You have been proceeding with one aim in your mind of SEO, i.e. increasing the position of your site in search engines. But have you ever thought of a lot of your potential clients who use their Android devices or for that matter, any mobile device for accessing the internet? If you miss them, I am afraid you will already lose a lot of your client base! So, you should not forget something called SEO for mobile and responsive design.

What is SEO for Mobile and Responsive Design?

When people (your potential clients) access internet from a regular desktop computer, there is a particular design needed for your site so that they can access it easily. But when they try to access it from an android or other mobile device, your site should have a related responsive design so as to come in their reach. SEO for mobile includes a different screen size, loading time, page speed, site structure, and more such factors.

Best SEO for Mobiles

If your SEO professional has already optimized your site well for search engines, it will only need a few extra things to optimize it for mobiles.

Page Speed: Page speed is a very important factor for mobile users than desktop users because of issues of hardware and connectivity. Besides optimizing images, you will need to minify code, reduce redirects and leverage browser caching.

No Blocking Needed of JavaScript, CSS and Images: Earlier, some of the mobile devices were unable to support all these three; so, webmasters need to block all or some of them. But today, it’s not necessary. In fact the Smartphone GoogleBot wants to see and classify the same content as that of users. So, actually you shouldn’t hide it. Also, these three are important in helping Google to know if you have a mobile responsive site for a different solution.

Design: You will have to remember certain rules regarding the design of the site. E.g. never to use flash because plugins may not be present on the user’s phone which means they would miss all the fun; instead, it’s better to use HTML5. Similarly, you shouldn’t use pop-ups because on a mobile device it’s quite hard to close them and ultimately bring frustration. Another thing to remember is some users’ fat fingers. They can bring a big mess with accidental wrong clicks if the buttons are too small, too big or in the middle of the path of a finger which is trying to scroll the page. is a web design and SEO agency in Milano which offers services of the same or even better quality at a much lower cost as that of big agencies. There is a risk of getting the work done in an unsatisfactory manner when you handle it to a small agency or an independent freelancer to save money. With you get your job done in an excellent manner and at an affordable price.