GreenDAO – Fast and Light ORM Solution for Android

If you are in search of a fast and light ORM solution for your Android device, you should get GreenDAO. GreenDAO maps items to SQLite databases. It provides wonderful performance by using minimal memory, as it is highly optimized for Android. Encryption is the key feature of this greenDAO 2.2 launch. In fact, GreenDAO is perhaps the first Android ORM to authoritatively support SQLCipher (non-beta). Here’s the information of this innovative solution.

Main Objective

The main objective of GreenDAO is to provide an object oriented interface for data that is stored in the SQLite relational database. If you simply define data model, GreenDAO will form Java data entities (objects) and DAOs because of which you can save yourself from the huge tedious code that simply moves data to and fro.


GreenDAO has some superior ORM features like:

  • Sturdiness: GreenDAO is present since around 2011 and is made use of by innumerable renowned apps
  • Extremely simple: It has a brief and straight-forward API
  • Small size: The library of GreenDAO is less than 100K and it’s only plain Java jar (no native parts dependent on CPU)
  • Perhaps the quickest ORM for Android, featuring intelligent code creation
  • Active entities
  • CREATE TABLE for you
  • Safe and responsive query API: its QueryBuilder utilizes property constants to prevent typos
  • Eager loading
  • Query across objects and also chain links for complicated relations
  • Session cache
  • Flexible types of property use custom classes to represent data in your object


GreenDAO features a superb performance. Databases can store a huge data and therefore speed is important. When GreenDAO is used, most objects can be loaded, updated and inserted at the speed of several thousand objects per second.

It’s actually quite easy to use encryption because there is a new page added to encryption that provides you a bit of background and teaches how to use the encrypted copy of GreenDAO. So, don’t miss to use this extremely useful data encryption tool.