LG’s G Watch with a Screen That Never Sleeps?

LG is planning to introduce its first Android watch in the second quarter of 2014. The Korean giant has revealed more details about G Watch. This Android wear smartwatch is very likely to come in two colors – champagne gold (with a white wrist strap) and stealth black (with a black strap) and it will be dust and water resistant. But, if you thought there’s nothing unusual about this Android powered watch, it is very far from the truth. LG promises to launch smartwatch with always-on screen!

LG G Watch, as its teaser page shows, will be, logically, compatible with a wide range of Android powered smartphones and surely it will enable users to get the relevant information just when they need it. Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watches, G Watch won’t keep screen turned off until user flicks their wrist upwards. But, how will LG produce smartwatch with a screen that never sleeps? The Korean company didn’t explain used technology yet, but we have several possibilities on mind. One of the options could be similar to Sony’s SmartWatch 2, a transflective LCD screen. Its color display lasts for days on a charge, although this gadget does go into grayscale mode when it’s not actively in use in order to save power. Another possibility could be Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology. This display can stay on for days fully in color. Of course, we still expect to see Mirasol-based watch as a mass produced item, although Qualcomm sells an experimental smartwatch named Toq.

One of the biggest issues facing current Android powered watches is certainly power efficiency. The small size of these gadgets leaves little room for a battery of a decent size. For that reason, smart watch makers have to make hard choices: battery life vs. screen quality. Motorola company has suggested that it came to solution to the battery dilemma with new power management technology allowing them to use a tiny-sized battery. Again, until we have seen their Moto G smartwatch, these details are to remain unclear. How will LG overcome this issue, we’ve yet to see.

We look forward to getting some concrete answers in the next couple of months when LG (and Motorola) launch their first Android Wear watches.