Mamba VPN – Free VPN with a Lot of Use

If you’ve heard that a VPN can be used to unblock proxy servers and free-to-play games and are wondering how to do that, let’s understand what a VPN is and how you can use it.

A VPN or virtual private network is an encrypted connection between a network and a device over the internet. Since the connection is encrypted, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is transmitted safely and unapproved people are prevented from eavesdropping on the traffic, and you can conduct work remotely. Therefore VPNs are used widely in corporate environments, and unblocking games. Here whe’d like to introduce Mamba VPN – Unblock Proxy Web & Free VPN for games. This free VPN is available on all Android devices.

How can You Use Mamba VPN?

To Access Unblocked Websites, Apps and Games

You are dying to access some websites, apps and games about which you’ve come to know from your friends over the internet. But alas! These sites, apps and games are blocked in your country or region for some reason. Don’t worry! With the Mamba VPN, you can unblock these sites, apps and games. It’s easy, quick and FREE.

Mamba VPN - Access Unblocked Websites, Apps and Games

Change Your IP

Unblocking blocked websites, apps and games is not the only use of Mamba VPN. You can even choose your location and change your IP address to any location you wish, such as Germany, United States, Australia, France, China, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Ireland, Canada or any other country. A location switcher has been provided by the VPN with which you can do this. Why would you change your IP address in the first place? The benefit of changing your IP address is to get a free access to the internet, while concealing your real identity. What’s more, you can even save money while shopping online.

Mamba VPN - Change Your IP

Take Gaming to the Next Level

When you have Mamba VPN on your Android device, you can take your gaming to the next level. Here’s how.

Play while Traveling

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You’re based in say the UK and heading towards say China. How will you continue with a connection with your standard gaming server? Once you connect to the internet in your destination country, you’re usually forced to use the local servers.

Here a VPN comes to your help. Yes, you can just connect to a VPN server. Once you get the game loaded, it should be seen that you can access your usual game servers.

Access Xbox Live and PSN Exclusives from Anywhere

Sometimes you may get the news about a new PlayStation Network exclusive and you’re eager to play it, but you can’t, just because it’s not available where you live. Again the solution is here. It’s Mamba VPN – Unblock Proxy Web & Free VPN for games. With Mamba VPN, all you have to do is to switch your connection to the VPN server in the country where the exclusive is available.

Cut Down Latency and Ping Times

Since Mamba VPN offers a fast connection in the same region as the gaming server, ping times and lag are reduced. When online games are concerned, speed is more important than just having a fast download and upload. Ping is the reaction time, i.e. the duration between data being sent and received. Thus, the lower the ping, the better. Your ping rate will be displayed in online games, which should be below 1,000 to avoid encountering network delays. Here a VPN helps to avoid a downside in the gaming arena.

Mamba VPN - Cut Down Latency and Ping Times

Protection of Data

A VPN can stop a hacker exploiting vulnerabilities in the game, i.e. it can stop hackers from breaking into your account and robbing you of your in-game inventory and gold.

All in all, the Mamba VPN is a lot of help to you. So, when are you going to get it for yourself?