New Pebble Upgrade – Classic Snake Game

As expected, smart watches are getting more and more smarter and thus increasingly popular. Last year was the period for their birth and this year they have directly jumped into their youth! And Pebble too doesn’t want to lag behind, as seen by the most recent upgrading of their smart watch. They have now a much-sophisticated interface and new watchfaces – but most attractive feature is they have added a classic game to the watch phone. Well, you most probably remember the game, it is Snake.

Along with the addition of the Snake game, Pebble has also upgraded in positioning of selected watchfaces in the end of a series of pushes of the back key regardless  of where you are and the up and down keys are now able to switch watchfaces, thus you don’t have to seek them from the menu. Ambient light detection also has been improved, which was a major weak point of the smart watch.

A Kickstarter update added to the watch phone has revealed that improvements have been made behind the scene in the text rendering engine with the firmware, as groundwork for the forthcoming SDK.

The addition of the game is important because it shows how the watch will function beyond just being a watch. Controls are tricky but surely Snake, creeping on your wrist and will show the limited resources the developers will avail in the first SDK version and though one might not want to spend much time in playing it, one may feel happy about its presence.

The game is in the main menu and can be installed from the Watchfaces of the iOS/Android app. From this, it is obvious that the company needs to do still more interface optimization at the time of shipping a proper app store.