Outstanding Benefits of Digital Signage for Android

Digital signage is a kind of electronic display, extremely popular in advertising and creating awareness about new products. The display can be seen through LCD or LED monitors and can even be projected. You might have seen such digital signage displays at airports, train stations, hotels and other retail businesses. The content you see therein is uploaded and managed by specialized software. Digital signage has become an effective advertising medium and there are some special benefits of digital signage for android. Here are some.


Android hardware is quite low cost as compared to other hardware. Android ecosystem’s nature is open and so, it encourages a healthy competition driving the cost down. So, you can even get android hardware below $100. With android hardware, you also get unmatched energy efficiency, which makes it less expensive to run and also eco-friendly.

Wide Choice

You get Android hardware in whatever shape and size you want. Just make a quick Google search and you will get hundreds of options for hardware, including TVs and tablets. You can even opt for mini-PC format which you can plug into any television; so, you need not change your TV set.

Great Performance

If you are under an impression that Android hardware doesn’t perform well for applications of digital signage, remove it from your mind. The fact is that any android device performs equally well or even better than hardware with Windows.

NoviSign Digital Signage for Android – An Awesome Tool

NoviSign has brought their unique tool for digital signage for android and you can create digital signage on any of your android device, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and TV boxes. Now, creating fabulous, interactive, dynamic screens, right in your place of work is so easy with NoviSign. You don’t need any installation or design skills.

Getting NoviSign digital signage is easy and you can read the step-by-step instructions about how to make it working for you on their website.

Why to Choose NoviSign?

  • NoviSign is among the pioneering companies to introduce a digital signage player on Android. This has made their system the most stable in the market and so, offers great performance, continuous streaming and almost no downtime.
  • NoviSign has a lot of experience in software and Android, and they do your job to achieve extreme perfection. They also make sure that your Android display runs 24/7 and keeps improving.
  • NoviSign Android digital signage requires no proprietary hardware and so, you don’t need to buy another special device. This obviously saves your hundreds of dollars.

Visit NoviSign.com to know more and get the most efficient digital signage system for Android.