Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Promising Functionality and Craftsmanship

A metal body, curved screen and great power are some of the main features of Galaxy S6 Edge – the latest top-of-the-line Android smartphone by Samsung. But can Samsung give a tough fight to Sony, Apple and HTC with it? An internal code “Project Zero” has been given to Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge indicating a comeback to fundamentals. In a way it also indicates that the company has realized about its many flaws and is trying to regain their lost position in the smartphone market with these two elegant Galaxy phones which have hit the US market last week.

Galaxy S6 Edge is the first all glass and metal smartphone by Samsung. Plastic outside, chamfered tough aluminum band around the side and a glass back, Galaxy S6 Edge is quite impressive to look at. Though it is solid and has absolutely no bend in the body, it is not waterproof!

Edge is 7mm thick (actually thin) and 132gm (light) and here it competes with iPhone 6 which has thickness of 6.9mm and weighs 132gm, and also with One M9 by HTC which is a bit thicker and heavier, as well as most other smartphones on the market today.

The screen with curved edges is the feature that makes the phone stand out from the crowd. The edges roll over the right and left sides down to the metallic bezel surrounding the side. The metal edges make the phone feel thin in the hand, but are indeed solid. The metallic band is also edged hard and the curved edges feel smooth as silk when you run your thumb over them.

Edge has got a 5.1” quad HD screen which is pin sharp and has one of the greatest pixel densities till date. It has intense blacks and wide viewing angles. Together all these features make it one of the most amazing screens ever featured in a smartphone.

The phone also features octo-core Exynos 7420 processor having a combination of two quad-core processors. The low-power 1.5 GHz chip carries out the unchallenging tasks, while a more powerful (and power hungry too) 2.1 GHz chip steps in when required. As a result, Edge has become one of the fastest Android smartphones, having no apparent lag. Even the lately used apps launcher which is infamous for being slow on mostly all Android smartphones, is quick to pop up.

All in all, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is seemingly a best-looking smartphone the company has ever manufactured which matches Apple and HTC in craftsmanship and functionality.