Top 7 Tips to Make the Most of Your Android Phone

Despite technology advancing every day, there is not yet a cell phone that will last forever. Batteries wear, operating systems get outdated and screens crack, though we all want a perfect cell phone that would operate smoothly even after years of use. It can be said that we want an operating system that will give us access to everything we want. This is not impossible as it seems as there are only a few things within your ability that can extend the life of your cell phone. Here are a few tips that are specific to Android as it is the topic of this blog. We’ll learn how to make the most of your android phone.

1. Learn More about Android

It’s commonly seen that many people use a phone but are not fully aware of its functions. If you want to use yours to the fullest, learn about it. Learn about what can be good for your android, how apps are a great burden on the battery and performance of your phone, which cell phone repair parts are useful and where you can get them, and more.

2. Update Your Android

Google is famous for keeping the most recent and best firmware for its users. Each latest release restructures something from the prior that was not present before, which translates into user-oriented features and higher performance.

3. Remove Junk

If you take time from chatting or messaging, or your daily work and take a look inside your phone, you will find many apps that you are not actually using. They take hell of a space. Moreover they are running in the background, whether you like it or not. Remove them from your phone. If you can’t delete them, disable them.

4. Disabling

In case of disabling, Android has a “Performance Assistant” particularly for helping you to disable apps you no longer need. With this, the apps stay in the phone, but don’t run. If you absolutely don’t want them, you can uninstall them.

5. Updating

Most of the apps have the ability to update themselves automatically. Developers know how to maximize their apps for the use of customers. Updates save your phone from crashing.

6. Bigger Memory Card

Memory card is the storage space of your phone. Obviously bigger the memory card, smoother is the operation of your phone. Bigger memory card increases the speed of your phone and your phone can do more complicated operations of reading/writing. For android phones, class 6 or 10 cards are perfect.

7. Widgets

Several users think that widgets get active only when tapped. This is wrong. Most widgets are running constantly in the background, slowing your memory and speed, and taking battery life. Turn Weather, GPS or Bluetooth off unless you require them regularly. If on a day, you don’t want the widget, turn it off.

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