Use Your Mobile Phone to Stay in Touch with Your Friends and Family

Nowadays, our phones are capable of numerous things, but we shouldn’t forget that they are originally designed for keeping in touch with family, friends and anyone who we fancy a chin wag with. Besides the dial-er and a messaging app which you have built in, what are the online messengers and calling services that you should consider installing on your android powered phone?

Skype – Good old Skype has marked the beginning of video calls and it’s still kicking strong. Although it’s primary used for calls, Skype’s Instant messaging components are as useful as its video call service. One of the best options Skype offers is the opportunity to log in to it on multiple devices.

WhatsApp – I think that almost everyone with an android powered device has WhatsApp and that’s why this app is a big part of IM world. You don’t need to add your contacts manually, because WhatsApp uses your mobile phone contacts. In addition, its simple interface and reliability makes it unbeatable in the world of instant messaging. Making free calls to all of your contacts is the recent update WhatsApp has introduced.

Viber – What I said about WhatsApp stands for Viber, too – almost everyone with smartphone has it downloaded! It’s core function is instant messaging, but it allows making audio calls and sending recorded messages. What characterizes this app is the sticker market; you can get so many interesting stickers suitable for just every occasion!

Above-mentioned apps are something you just need to download and have on your smartphone. Well, at least one of them! Of course, there are others messaging apps worth considering: Facebook Messenger, Tango, Hangout, Line, BBM etc. I would also mention an upcoming (hopefully) app- CatchMe the social compass. Although it’s not an IM, it is the simple solution to stay in touch with the vehicle in front of you and thus it can make our lives a little bit more convenient.