WhenDidI – Event Tracker – App Review

We use our Android powered gadgets for various things: to communicate with our friends, browse the internet, shoot photos etc. Do you use your mobile device to keep track of calories you’ve consumed, the dates when you had a haircut or to the cost of your meals? There are many apps that enable users to keep tracks of various events and occurrences; some of them are incredibly complicated to use, while others offer basic features. If you would like to use only one app to keep note of several important types of events in one place, instead of downloading multiple apps to cover different occurrences, I’d like to recommend WhenDidI – Event Tracker Android App; it’s perfect for users who want to have all the necessary information and an easy access to them from only one place.

whendidi liteBasically, WhenDidI is a personnel event tracker, totally configurable, with a wide range of features enabling you to manage and analyze important events in your life. You can backup it to Dropbox or local SD card. You get alerts and an opportunity to share and send your events list through share facility powered by Android.

What do users use WhenDidI for? Since it’s possible to use this app for whatever type of events you want, let’s give you just some examples: How many calories you have consumed? How much time did you spend at the gym? How many did you pay for your lunch? When was the last time you’ve visited your dentist? Obviously, you can set up WhenDidI to keep a track of anything you feel is important.

With WhenDidI app you can manage, organize, analyze and view your small and big events. Categories: Any new event you enter falls into certain category. Managing categories is possible by using the option “edit categories”. You can define categories to measure prices, quantity or to simply count events. Events: Any event can be added, modified, deleted, managed, organized and viewed in many ways.

whendidi 1Statistics: Use it to get the idea of the monthly, weekly and daily totals and averages for cost and quantities. Summaries: WhenDidI can be used for analyzing summary information for event categories, for example the cost averages, quantity total or/and the smallest and largest value. Use it to count the days since you last went to do the mani-pedi or the average time between your gym sessions.

Measurements: If you want to keep track of events collecting quantity information, use “measurements” to add and/or define new measurements. Keep in mind that time is also a quantity, as well as distance. Charts: WhenDidI enables you to see the stats in graphical format, as charts. Quick Links: To add a short cut to functions that you’d like to use more often, click on the star icon and the quick links will be automatically added. Alert: Finally, if you need an alert in order not to miss certain activity and event, with WhenDidI, you can set a reminder on monthly, weekly or daily schedules. It’s possible to combine alerts with sound and speech too.

The trial, Lite Version will show you how easy and simple it is to track the events with WhenDidI. Unfortunately, it allows users to enter up to 31 events, so for anyone who finds this app useful, upgrading to the full version is a must.